Latest Reports Added to Site

Offense Offender Date Category Media Type
White Savior vs. Oriental Villains Netflix March, 2017 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Reviving '80s Orientalism Amazon October, 2015 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV Show
Misrepresenting Misrepresentation Netflix April, 2016 Denigration(Mockery of Asians) TV Show
Sexualized Asian Women, Desexualized Asian Men Overbrook Entertainment February, 2005 Gender(Asian males are Omitted) Movie
Casting Asian Men as the Villainous, Misogynistic Other BRTHR November, 2015 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) Online
Asian?: Look Elsewhere HBO February, 2015 Denigration(Asians are Insignificant) TV Show
Subtle Marginalization Chase Bank February, 2016 Gender(White Love is the only Love) Other
Futuristic Asian Sidekicks FOX September, 2015 Denigration(Asians have Lower Status) TV Show
When Racism Tries to be Funny FOX September, 2013 Denigration(Reinforces Stereotypes) TV
No Love for Asian Guys Blue Note Records Gender(Asian male as Undesirable) Online